Friday, 16 March 2018

Nickel Official Visit Raising Carr

Nickel Lodge No. 427 had an official visit by R.W. Bro. Daigle on March 7th, 2018. At that meeting, Bro. Chris Carr was raised. A cheque for the District Project was presented, and the D.D.G.M. gave an interesting talk on the Widows Sons.

Nickel Raising Tizzard

At Nickel Lodge No 427's February 21st Emergent meeting, Bro. Jordan Tizzard was raised.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Sudbury Lodge Peter Burtch Initiation

Family Day 2018, Monday, February 19th, was the night that Peter Burtch was initiated by Sudbury Lodge No. 658. This was their last initiation as Sudbury Lodge. Bro. Joel Zazulak submitted the pictures below.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Friendship Lodge Installation 2018

Friendship Lodge No. 691 installed Bro. Mark Woodliffe as W.M. on February 10th, 2018.

Friendship Lodge No. 691 2018-2019 Officers:

W.M.: W. Bro. Mark Woodliffe
I.P.M.: W. Bro. D. Rowe
S.W.: Bro. A. Fey
J.W.: Bro. T. Bracken
Chaplain: W. Bro. J. Robbie
Treasurer: W. Bro. M. Bolander
Secretary: W. Bro. J. Miszczak
Assistant Secretary: W. Bro. R. J. Lipic
S.D.: W. Bro. R. Kitching
J.D.: W. Bro. R. T. Lipic
D. of C.: W. Bro. B. Mullen
Historian: V. W. Bro. Stoddart
I.G.: Bro. R. Larson
S.S.: W. Bro. R. King
J.S.: W. Bro. K. Pattison
Tyler: Bro. B. Burgess

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Nickel February 2018

Wednesday, February 7th was Nickel Lodge No. 427's 1507th regular meeting. There was a scheduling conflict, but as it was Step-up-night, it was determined that the show must go on. An exemplification of an initiation was performed. Also, R. W. Bro. Reg Daigle, District Deputy Grand Master of the Sudbury-Manitoulin District, attended on a fraternal visit. At the request of Bro. Firth's widow, R.W. Daigle returned a bible which belonged to Bro. Marvin Firth.

Masonic Musings and Meanderings 2018-02

Updated: A picture was added below the original post.




Join us for coffee as we navigate a path through Masonry, as it relates to making “Good Men Better” and how our Masonic Ritual can enrich our hearts and minds in helping us to be all that we can be as Men, as Husbands, as Fathers, as Neighbours, Friends and Brothers.

The first session will be :

It is anticipated that this will be the first of an ongoing journey, and with your participation, sharing and support we can all make it a successful venture.


The event was well received. A number of the brethren who attended found it to be worthwhile.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Blood Donation Presentation January 2018

Before Lodge began on January 15th, 2018, W. Bro. Cartman, the District Committee Chairman for Blood Donors, initiated a presentation by Canadian Blood Services. Information on the great need for more donors was given and many questions were answered. The intent is to try to present to all the lodges in the Sudbury-Manitoulin District, and then to try to coordinate two clinics that we would be hosting. Our next presentation is the clinic in Espanola and then the remaining lodges.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Algonquin Lodge Official Visit 2018

At their 999th regular meeting, which was also their last pre-amalgamation official visit, the re-passing of Bro. Simo Rautiainen was conducted by Algonquin Lodge No. 536 on Tuesday, January 16th. A donation to this year's District Charity, Maison McCulloch Hospice, was announced. R. W. Bro. Reg Daigle, District Deputy Grand Master of the Sudbury-Manitoulin District gave the following speech:

Good evening Brethren and thank you for your great show of support.

WOW im already mid way into my term and so far it's been great. Other than a lodge going dark in the District, it has been quite positive all-in-all. The busier months are coming what with the installations and three more official visits and let's not forget the amalgamation ceremony. This, sadly, is Algonguin's last official visit, but it is not the end of Algonguin, or Sudbury Lodge for that matter, but a new beginning, or rebirth, as one might say.

I truly believe that both Lodges amalgamating together is for the greater good and the District will benefit from it all and for that matter both Lodges. Both have similarity in most aspects and mutual respect for one another which will be a great asset to the new City Of Lakes Lodge. Both Masters are doing an exceptional job of filling chairs at their meeting and that the Ritual is up to Grand Lodge standards. I congratulate both of you for your efforts. Well done.

I discussed the amalgamation with the Grand Master during the mid term report in Pickering, and he is looking forward in meeting all of you on May 26th. He was quite pleased on the process which both Lodges undertook together and the smoothness that occurred during this large step forward that they went through. There will be some adaptation from both sides, but from what I have seen so far, I'm sure they will surmount them quite quickly. They have conducted themselves, I am proud to say, as true Masons. Everyone will benefit in the long run, and I sincerely hope that the jurisdiction will learn from this and pass it on to other Districts.

In unity there is strength. Let us make this new Lodge the envy of everyone and wanting to affiliate and join.


Sudbury Lodge Bro. Branch Raising

Monday, January 15th, 2018 saw Bro. Kevin Branch get raised by Sudbury Lodge No. 658. R. W. Bro. Reg Daigle, District Deputy Grand Master of the Sudbury-Manitoulin District attended on a fraternal visit.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Bethel Lodge Installation 2018

Bethel Lodge No. 699 installed Bro. Daniel Leonardo Cluff as W.M. on January 12th, 2018. R.W. Bro. Rousell presented W.M. Cluff with an engraved gavel.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Nickel Initiation January 2018

Nickel Lodge No. 427 initiated Mr. Greg Blomme on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. W.M. John M Reynolds gave the candidate a pin on behalf of the D.D.G.M. as that night was also the Official Visit to Espanola Lodge No. 527. That pin had been given to W.Bro. Reynolds by R.W. Bro. Al Stonier.

Espanola Official Visit Speech

Espanola Lodge No. 527 had their Official Visit on January 3rd, 2018. The work of the evening was exemplification of a Fellow Craft Degree. R. W. Bro. Reg Daigle, District Deputy Grand Master, gave the speech below:


For my speech this evening, I will deviate from my customary talks about helping and assisting our newest members and will direct my attention towards some of our older members. As you are all aware, National Lodge No. 588 went dark on November 30th. It was a sad and somber occasion in our District -- especially for the members of National Lodge. We need to support these brethren in their time of need. Many have already joined other Lodges, but a few are still undecided. These members come from an old Lodge, similar to this Lodge, and have local traditions that have been done by these particular brethren for years. We need to respect these traditions and be tolerant.

Many of you ask yourselves what do you mean by local traditions. Local traditions, brethren, are certain little subtle variations that each lodge in the District performs without knowing, be it in their floor work or ritual, that doesn't conform to Grand Lodge, and believe me it's out there. I can certainly attest to that. The fact is the more isolated the Lodge is from another Lodge the less visiting they do and the fewer guests they receive. National was in Capreol for 85 years and was a day Lodge in Sudbury for 10 years. They received very minimal visits and performed their ritual with a slight variance that occurred over the years.

What I'm trying to convey to all you, brethren, is one of these members may petition your Lodge and may do things a little differently. He may have been doing this for 40 or 50 years. It's the only way he knows how to deliver the work and is not welcoming any change. Let us be kind and lenient towards him and not jump all over him to correct him. Do your ritual as close to Grand Lodge dictates. Some may slowly adjust with patience others may never. But remember they are our Brethern no matter our little differences.

We need to retain and increase our membership let's start by acting as true Masons and display Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

Thank you

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Porketta Dinner 2018

There is an upcoming Scottish Rite Porketta Dinner fundraiser slated for Saturday January 20th, 2018.

The cut-off for tickets is Thursday January 11th so time is running out for the brethren to get their tickets.

Ill. Bro. Clive D. Stephenson 33°
Grand Secretary
Sudbury and District Lodge of Perfection

Friendship Lodge Ladies Night 2018

Friendship Lodge No. 691 is having their Ladies night on Saturday, February 10th, 2018.

Alan Fey is the JW and is the contact person for anyone wishing to buy tickets.